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Math tutoring that acknowledges anxiety and works with it.

My comprehensive and intuitive approach to mathematics education aims to help students learn and grow in mathematics, and also enjoy the process.

Math is for everyone.

I believe that anyone can be good at math. Because it’s such a broad and dynamic subject requiring a wide variety of skills, math can be difficult, frustrating, and often anxiety-inducing. My method addresses every aspect of a student’s math education, including anxiety, in the hope of creating a more positive relationship with the subject and help students accomplish more than what they think they can do.

I teach in person in my home, or online.

Online Tutoring

One-on-one math lessons via Zoom (or other similar platform.)

In Person Tutoring

One-on-one math lessons in my home.

Homework Help

Guidance for students struggling with specific questions outside of tutoring sessions.

Liora is excellent – professional, patient, and most importantly she knows how to calm you down and turn scary material into bite-size chunks you can handle. Thanks to her I passed Intro to Statistics. Highly recommended!”


Math is hard. And that’s okay. We’ll get through it together.

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